What the Shamanic students are saying?

For me Shamanism is a spiritual journey of transformation. Being a Shaman has enabled me to connect with my soul, the spirit world and my guides. Shamanism has transformed my life. Being a Shaman has allowed me to honour and respect myself and others. ” Lynn

“Being a Shaman allows me to connect with my inner guide, with nature and with spirit to shed the past, be in the present and be the bridge for others. It’s allowing what is.” Rosanne

“Shamanism to me is a gift ... the gift of Freedom, the gift of Love, the gift of  finding Oneself...and more ... while experiencing the true magic in life.”  

“Shamanism to me is the path home.  Being a Shaman is being in hyper-awareness mode – the knowledge and trust that what comes is.”  

Training to be a shaman is filled with discoveries.  I am learning to access my full potential, to discover my strengths and learn from my weaknesses. I am whole and centered. The tools learned are useful in my everyday life and they become second nature with practice as they work so well. The journeys that we do are individual yet I am learning from all of the other shamans' journeys. This training feels like I am being given the ''polishing'' touch of who I am and all that I have learned in the past.”  
“Shamanism has brought back to the forefront of my life, the old adage “keep it simple”.  By establishing a relationship with the energy that exists in nature and the energy of our everyday life, we can broaden our perspective and provide awareness of the power of simplicity.” Ann

Shamanism, what is it really. My belief is that it makes you aware of whom you really are; who you always were and you get in touch with this knowledge. I find my true self by learning to be a Shaman; I access the teaching of my ancestors, I learn to communicate with spirit, I become a bridge between worlds, I become aware that I am supported by Guides and that my powers are greater than I can imagine.
What do I do with this knowledge; my mission is to communicate these finding to as many people that are willing to listen so that they can access and use their powers to heal the world.
Spirit has a way of reaching you when you are ready, I must remain open at all time to be used by it for the betterment of humankind.
As this is my mission, it is my duty to be of service, I accept this not as a responsibility, instead with humility and joy to have found my purpose and to be able to live it every day. I consider myself blessed and my heart is full of gratitude for all the teachers I crossed on my journey; they brought me where I am now and that is in a blissful state.
Shamanism is a tool among others that were put on my way to discover my true identity and to help me see the invisible world that surrounds us on the journey called Life.

Hélène Bourdeau, April 4, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 18.38.56

If I was a box of Crayola crayons what colour would be?
I would be brown; hurt and broken,
I would be purple; combatant and fighter,
I would be blue; harmonious and tuneful,
I would be green; confident and assured,
I would be yellow; kind and giving,
I would be orange agile and swift,
I would be red; excited and fulfilled,
I would add a crayon to my box and it would be white:
I would be white; restored and repaired.
In one box, this is my year.
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 18.37.08

I have started frayed and wilted at times.
I have questioned, listed, cried, allowed, and answered.
I am now stronger and straight and coloured.
Thank you Josée for the opportunity you have given me.
Ann Trépanier, Shaman Practitioner